Pay less and travel all over Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt

Pay less and travel all over Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt


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Travel all over Warsaw at the lowest prices

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Our drivers receive the highest salaries because we have the lowest commissions

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Write to us and find out about customised offers for your company.

Download the app and receive 50 € for your journeys

Download the app and receive 50 € for your journeys

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Best prices

Due to the fact that we take the lowest commission on the market, our prices are the lowest for you and our drivers earn the best. Why so? Because we can!

Family-friendly transport

Order a taxi that suits your needs. No matter if you are traveling with a small child, with pets or the whole family. This is not a problem for us, our taxis are equipped with child seats.

Blacklist of drivers

If our driver does not meet your standards, add him to the blacklist of drivers and he will never come for you again. We take care of the quality of our services and will stop cooperating with the drivers added to the blacklist.

Daily orders

Thanks to the attractive offer, you can be sure of daily orders from our application.

The lowest commission on the market

Others only promise, we really are the cheapest. Check it yourself!

You earn the most

The lowest commission for us means the highest earnings for you. Check it now!

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Remember about the current sanitary restrictions and wear a disposable mask – if you do not have one, just ask the driver
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We have the lowest commission on the market just so you can enjoy cheap rides

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Wherever you want


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Become a driver

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Each of our drivers has a disposable mask for you to fully take care of your, and their, safety during the journey. If you forgot your mask, ask the driver about it.


19 € – is the average amount for a ride in our Application. It is possible thanks to reducing our commission to a minimum. Install the application now and receive 50 € for the first rides with Flinta Taxi.


Thanks to our exceptional attention to detail, we will make sure that our drivers only drive in safe and new vehicles.
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